Monday, August 23, 2010

Moths before Classes

Last night (Aug 22), the night before classes started back up, was clear and warm. Cloudy skies are better for moths, but as I returned home from work at 10:30pm I saw quite a few moths congregating around the light outside my apartment. I decided to hit Harlow Pathway from 11pm-12:30am, and I'm glad I did. The light attracted a handful of moths, mostly all new ones! And I've even been able to identify most of them.
Feltia tricosa? Could also be subgothica or even jaculifera. What is expected around here?
Hemlock Looper- Lambdina fiscellaria
Larch Tolype- Tolype laricis (2 came to the light, really cool moth!)
Maple Spanworm Moth- Ennomos magnaria
Crambus sp.
Haven't looked this guy up yet
This was at the light outside my apartment. Unknown for now...
Also had another Lesser Maple Spanworm Moth. Hopefully I get out mothing again tonight. I may try a new location.


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