Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Moth Outing

I finally got my blacklight, and decided to go out last night (Aug 18) to see if I could attract any moths. I was able to trap for an hour before the rain started. The blacklight worked better than expected, and now I am full of moth pictures that I need to identify. Here is what was attracted to my light last night. If you know the ID of any of them, help a guy out.

Lesser Maple Spanworm Moth
Scoparia biplagialis - I think
Decorated Owlet - I think
Edit: Syngrapha microgamma looks good (thanks Kirk). Can't find much info on this moth at all.
Edit: Looks to me like Common Gluphisia- Gluphisia septentrionis
Edit: I think this is Mustard Sallow- Pyreferra hesperidago
who knows
last unknown

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